Action Alert: Stop the "Gang of Six" Tax Hikes [out of date]

The Gang of Six is looking to raise taxes. That’s why the media is so excited about their ‘secret negotiations.’ For example, The New York Times portrays their meetings as more glamorous than policy discussions can possibly be:

If Mr. Durbin and Mr. Chambliss can cut a deal on Social Security and new tax revenues, their associates say, then just maybe all of Washington can come together.

If The Times is that excited, we know something is awry.

And, sure enough, the Washington Post gives away the worst kept secret: the Gang of Six is building a plan that will get Republicans to support tax increases:

The “Gang of Six” could propose, possibly next month, a plan that includes deeper entitlement cuts than Democrats have ever supported and tax increases that previously have been anathema for Republicans.

While this looks like an ok compromise: entitlement reform for tax increases, it’s not. The Democratic Congress of the last few years has significantly ratcheted up federal spending. Obamacare alone created several new entitlement programs. Meanwhile, tax revenues have stayed relatively constant. That’s why fixing the deficit starts with real spending cuts, not tax increases.

It’s not conservative policy and Republicans should know better.

Take action: email your Senators to oppose tax hikes.

More about the Gang of Six:

Tax hikes are definitely on the table, according to Senator Kent Conrad:

Revenue has to be part of this, because revenue as a share of our national income is the lowest it has been in 60 years.

The Senators are negotiating behind closed doors, again from Senator Kent Conrad:

“We’ve agreed not to discuss the status of our negotiations.”
Proposals would set deficit reduction targets, likely without specific cuts. According to the National Journal:

To allow passage of the measure, various groups of lawmakers are working on proposals to set future deficit reduction targets while leaving lawmakers to make specific cuts later. The proposals, intended for consideration alongside the debt increase, include varied automated mechanisms to enforce cuts if Congress does not act.

Take action: email your Senators to oppose this bad policy.

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