Momentum Builds against Short-Term CR

Mark Levin another Strong Voice

Last week, Heritage Action announced our opposition to another short-term funding measure.  Yesterday, we issued a joint press release with the Family Research Council and the Club for growth announcing our intention to key vote the next short-term continuing resolution.

Last night, on his nationally syndicated talk show, Mark Levin touted this unified conservative position.  Levin blasted President Obama for his lack of leadership and questioned why Republicans would defend a process (i.e., short-term funding measures), instead of going on the offense against big government.

Levin went on to say (audio, 38:29):

Some conservative groups today spoke out against what’s going on on Capitol Hill with this continuing resolution nonsense… The Leaders of Heritage Action, that’s with The Heritage Foundation, the Family Research Council and the Club for Growth, issued a joint press release announcing their opposition to this and any further short-term resolutions.  And signaling to House conservatives that they are watching.  Welcome aboard, boys!  We’ll take all the help we can get.

On Thursday, Levin had spoke out adamantly against another short-term funding measure.  He then went on to quote Heritage Action’s CEO Michael A. Needham:

“A strategy of short-term extensions from now until the end of the fiscal year makes no sense,” Heritage Action’s CEO Michael A. Needham said.  “If we blink now and allow the proponents of big government to drag out negotiations, it will undercut our ability to fight for conservative policies and result in fewer reforms and less cuts.”

Levin then went on to ask, “what is the end game here?”  For conservatives, the end game is now.  They must enact real cuts and block liberal policies that have been rejected by the American people.

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