Driving the Week: Spinning toward another Shutdown

Last week, another stopgap funding measure was enacted, giving Congress and the President until April 8th to come to an agreement that would fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year.  The partisan warriors inside Washington are busy shaping the narrative, determined to ensure Republicans and conservatives take the blame for any government shutdown.

On Townhall.com, Heritage Action’s CEO Michael Needham explains this has been the Left’s strategy all along:

When the results of November became clear, the political strategists advised the Democrats to continue abdicating their responsibility. The political strategists – who were already looking toward the 2012 elections – wanted to make life difficult for the new Republican House. They knew forcing them to handle last year’s business would complicate their agenda and potentially force a government shutdown.

Let me repeat that again: since last November, Democrats and their political strategists have been trying to force Republicans into a government shutdown. It is the Democrats – for political reasons – who are hoping and strategizing for a shutdown.

Mike concludes by saying, “By and large, Americans understand Democrats are not acting in good faith.  In fact, they’re acting in bad faith – and we shouldn’t be afraid to say it.”

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