Driving the Week: Spending mixed with Energy, Education and Guns

On Friday, the government’s authority to spend money will expire.  In an effort to avoid another shutdown – or slowdown, if you will – House Republicans unveiled a 3-week funding extension on Friday.  The measure would cut about $6 billion and keep the entire government operational until April 8.  Over the weekend, Democrats signaled their support for the measure.

All is well, right?  Not quite.

For a variety of reasons, conservatives are becoming increasingly frustrated with the series of stopgap spending measures.  On Friday, Heritage Action, FRC Action and the Club for Growth all announced opposition to the measure and their intent to score the vote.  As the Politico noted yesterday, conservatives are growing impatient.

The previous Congress, which failed to set a budget or fund the government, punted funding and policy decisions to the current Congress.  Conservatives are committed to ensuring their priorities are reflected in any funding measure.  Conservatives in Congress cannot blink.

What else to look for this week:

  • On Sunday, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) pushed the Obama administration on domestic energy production.  With soaring oil prices, expect Republicans in the House and Senate to drive home a familiar message – drill, baby, drill.
  • We’ll also hear a lot about Japan’s nuclear reactors.  Don’t allow yourself to get pulled in by the radical environmentalist spin – see Jack Spencer’s explanation, via Heritage.
  • According to Roll Call, President Obama will call on Congress to begin revamping the No Child Left Behind Act.  Interestingly, he’ll do so in anticipation of a House vote on the SOAR Act, which would give new life to the DC Opportunity Scholarship program.  Heritage Action strongly supports the SOAR Act.
  • Finally, President Obama is re-engaging on the issue of guns.  The President laid out his plan in an op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star.
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