Driving the Day: Sharp Internal Splits

Yesterday evening, the President signed a two-week funding extension into law.  Now, he’s sending Vice President Joe Biden to the Hill in search of a longer term deal.  The New York Times observes that may be easier said than done:

Contending with sharp internal splits about how far to go in cutting spending and a reluctance to show their hand, Senate Democrats have not made public any specifics on their ideas for cuts, frustrating Republicans who see themselves as making hard, substantive proposals with no corresponding effort in the Senate.

The absence of a plan is not surprising, as the proponents of big government have shown themselves to be fundamentally unserious about reducing spending.  However, they may want to reconsider that position.  According to Bloomberg, “Democratic strategists have privately told lawmakers they risk a voter rebuff if they aren’t seen as embracing cuts.”

Senate Democrats are also growing concerned that the President is ceding ground on spending cuts, and ultimately undermining their ability to continue to the status quo.  Everyone in Washington is asking: who will blink first?

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