Driving the Day: House Votes, President Speaks

Today, the House will vote on a measure to fund the government for the next two weeks.  That measure will cut $4 billion in spending – mostly from earmarks and programs the President has already pegged for elimination.  Once the House passed this short-term extension, the onus will be on the Senate.

And when it comes to the Senate, all bets are off.  As we’ve said before, they appear to be fundamentally unserious about spending.

Interestingly, President Obama appears to have hopped off the sidelines and is now advocating a 30-day funding extension, to allow more time for negotiations on a longer-term funding measure.  To be clear, any increase in time must be accompanied by an increase in cuts.

Now is not the time for conservatives to blink.  Stay connected with Heritage Action for the latest information, who supports cutting spending and what you can to do help.

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