Driving the Day: Diverging Narratives

Yesterday, the Senate rejected both the House-passed funding bill and the Senate Democrat’s alternative measure.  The House measure would have cut $57 billion in spending over the next six and half months, while the Democrat’s version would have cut around $4 billion.  The narrative from the inside-the-beltway news outfits is interesting.

This from The Hill:

The Democratic bill attracted two fewer votes than the rival GOP measure that would cut spending by another $57 billion this year. The 11 defections will give Republican leaders ammunition in subsequent talks, as they were able to keep their caucus more unified.

And this, from Politico:

Senate defeat of House Republican spending cuts puts the burden back on Speaker John Boehner to show more flexibility even as Democrats and President Barack Obama must summon more unity if they are to capitalize on the win.

Dueling narratives from politicians and the media outlets inside Washington are not surprising.  The question is who really has the upper hand.  A new poll by Resurgent Republic provides some interesting insights.  By a two-to-one margin, voters believe we need to start cutting spending right now.  They do not want it punted until next year.  Now, if only some folks inside Washington would listen.

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