Conservative Movement Leaders Oppose Short-Term CR

Heritage Action, Family Research Council and Club for Growth to Key Vote

Washington, DC – Today, three leading organizations in the conservative movement made clear their opposition to any additional short-term continuing resolutions and announced their intent to key vote the next such measure.

“A strategy of short-term extensions from now until the end of the fiscal year makes no sense,” Heritage Action’s CEO Michael A. Needham said.  “If we blink now and allow the proponents of big government to drag out negotiations, it will undercut our ability to fight for conservative policies and result in fewer reforms and less cuts.”

“In 2008, Planned Parenthood vowed to spend $10 million to elect pro-abortion Democrats,” Family Research Council’s President Tony Perkins said. “In return Planned Parenthood was handed a health care bill that includes abortion funding as well as access to a slush fund containing billions of tax dollars.  In the last few months, we have seen Planned Parenthood pass the 5 million abortions performed mark, watched videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s latent racism and complicity in covering up crimes such as sex trafficking of children.  The abortion giant finally admitted that not only do they NOT perform mammograms as they previously claimed but they also ordered all of its affiliates to perform abortions or leave the Planned Parenthood umbrella.

“The time to bring our fiscal house in order is now, and defunding organizations that work against the principles of a majority of Americans needs to be done to show that this Congress is serious,” Perkins concluded.

“It appears that fiscal conservatives in the House are walking into a spending trap with this series of short term CRs,” Club for Growth’s President Chris Chocola said.  “When the debt ceiling debate happens in a few weeks, the big spenders will offer a so-called “compromise” in exchange for raising the debt ceiling and giving them a series of new credit cards.  Such a “deal” would be a complete sell-out of America’s taxpayers, who deserve major spending reductions and structural reforms that will solve our debt crisis.  Rather than going down that road to disaster, fiscally conservative House members should insist on more than a short-term CR now.”

Twenty days ago, the House of Representatives passed a modest $61 billion in spending cuts, but these cuts pale in comparison to $474 billion in spending increases since 2008.  It also contained numerous policy riders, which would block implementation of things like Obamacare, EPA’s global warming regulation and federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Enacting these cuts now and fighting for the policy riders are important trust building measures between the American people and Washington.  Now is the time for bold leadership, and Heritage Action, Family Research Council and Club for Growth stand united ready to support those efforts.

Press Contacts:
Dan Holler, Heritage Action, 202.548.5284
JP Duffy, FRC Action, 877.372.2808
Stacy French, Club for Growth,  202.955.5500

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