Action Alert: Tell Congress Not to Blink on Spending Cuts [out of date]

On Wednesday, nearly two weeks after the House passed a measure to fund the government and cut $61 billion in spending, the President signed a short-term measure that keeps the government running for two weeks. While cutting $4 billion in spending, the measure allows the President and Senate Democrats to delay substantive action until March 18th.

Instead of acting on HR 1, the liberal strategy is to showcase some token cuts, hoping Americans will forget about the need to make serious cuts in federal spending.

They’re fundamentally not serious. Americans are demanding substantive spending cuts: tell Congress not to blink.

It is time for the President and Senate Democrats to stop passing the buck and embrace the entire House-passed bill (H.R. 1). Among other things, H.R.1 cuts $61 billion in spending and defunds Obamacare. Both of these issues were front and center in the 2010 elections – there is a clear mandate from the American people.

>> Tell your Members of Congress to act on the House bill.

If the President and Senate Democrats really want to fund the government, cut spending, and avoid a shutdown, they must listen to the American people and start with H.R.1.

The time to act is now:

Please email your Senators and urge action on HR1.

Email your Congressman and tell them not to blink.

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