Week in Review: Conservative Victories!

Most legislative scuffles involve how much more to spend, who to tax and what to regulate.  This current scuffle revolves around how much to cut spending.  As RSC Chairman Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) explained, “This is a culture change that every American should welcome.”  We agree.

During the course of the week, we have seen House Republican Leadership increase their non-security discretionary cuts from $58 billion to $84 billion.  Washington insiders recognize this progress stemmed from serious outside conservative pressure.

Of course, Heritage Action has been firm and consistent – we believe House Republicans must cut $100 billion in non-security spending to meet their Pledge.  And we will support legislative efforts cut the remaining $16 billion.

But looking back on the week, we can point to clear progress.  As Heritage Action COO Tim Chapman told our activists this morning, “This week, with your help, we have achieved some major successes!”


One of those successes came on the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which is a duplicative, multibillion-dollar boondoggle.  According to Roll Call:

Outside groups including the Heritage [Action] also came out against the bill and threatened to designate it as a “key vote,” which would mean a black mark on the record of any Republican who voted for it.

Given the unexpected resistance from Republicans and the fact that strong support from Democrats was not assured, Camp persuaded Cantor to postpone the vote.

At the time, we said this was a conservative gut check.  House leaders made the right decision!  And it opened the door for us to start talking about a positive Free Trade Agenda, that includes ushering through agreements with countries like Columbia.

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