Russia Intimidates Neighbors with Nukes

If it weren’t for The Heritage Foundation’s Kim Holmes and his twitter account, few people would be aware that Lithuania is making noise about Russia moving it’s short range nuclear weapons into its Kaliningrad territory. If you’re not aware, Kaliningrad is a federal subject of Russia between Poland and Lithuania – two NATO countries.

Short range nuclear weapons – also known as tactical nuclear weapons – were not covered in the NEW START treaty. The administration was too looking for a foreign policy victory to push the Russians on tactical nuclear weapons, which are crucial to their nuclear defense scheme.

We warned the President and the Senate that NEW START favored the Russians because the treaty ignored the Russian’s massive tactical nuke advantage. Almost three months after NEW START was ratified, the Lithuanian declaration of Russian nukes so close to Lithuanian borders proves that we right.

The administration ignored this serious threat; and, as a result, nuclear weapons are being moved closer to our European allies.

Post courtesy of Heritage Action’ Philip Reboli.

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