More Spending Cuts on the Way?

Last week, Heritage Action said the initial offering from House Republicans was not good enough – it left $42 billion in promised cuts on the table.  Yesterday, word began to surface that conservatives in the House were rebelling.  $58 billion in non-security cuts was not enough to satisfy House conservatives or their constituents, let alone begin addressing the massive fiscal crisis we face.

Late last night, an additional $26 billion in non-security cuts were included in the package.  We’re not yet at $100 billion, though – $58 billion plus $26 billion equals $84 billion – after all, the $16 billion in security cuts were not part of the pledge.  But, as Russ Vought explains:

movement is movement, and since it’s in our direction, it deserves a modicum of praise. May tomorrow allow for even more. This isn’t about going an extra mile–it’s about delivering on your promises to the American people.

And an article posted late last night to CQ (subscription req’d) helps explain the movement:

House Republicans may also have been feeling pressure from outside groups. Some tea party groups scoffed at the initial plan for cuts from GOP leadership.

And a group affiliated with the conservative Heritage Foundation, called Heritage Action, has said it will highlight floor action on the coming spending bill as a “key vote.”

A similar move by Heritage Action appears to have contributed to another GOP leadership setback Tuesday. A bill that would have extended expiring Trade Adjustment Assistance programs was withdrawn after the group threatened to designate it as a “key vote,” which would mean a black mark on the record of any Republican who voted for it.

Conservatives on the ground are making a difference, bolstering conservatives inside Congress who are fighting to honor their pledge and begin the hard work of putting us back on a sustainable fiscal path.

Keep up the great work, and stay tuned for the latest updates!

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