Liberal Hysteria on Spending

Late last night, House Republicans announced their continuing resolution would contain $84 billion less in non-security discretionary spending than what President Obama requested.  It will also contain $16 billion less in security spending, when compared to the President’s request.

Heritage Action has been firm and consistent – we believe House Republicans must cut $100 billion in non-security spending to meet their Pledge.  However, we will also push back vigorously against big-government liberals who claim the cuts are dangerous and irresponsible.

For instance, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) took to the floor yesterday with this gem:

In many cases, these proposals may mean taking workers off the assembly line or taking teaches out of the classroom or police officers off the street. I want to talk about taking police officers off the street. In the Republican case to make as many cuts as possible, they propose eliminating the COPS hiring program. COPS stands for Community Oriented Policing Services …

Why is the COPS program so important to Reid?  Because he views it as a jobs program for 450 Nevadans.  Unfortunately, the program has a long track record of failing to curb violent crime rates.  The Heritage Foundation has been pointing this out since 2001; yet, the program continues.  It should be eliminated.

Liberals believe government spending is inherently good.  They make no distinction between spending your money on costly, ineffective programs versus spending on constitutional obligations like defense.  In their eyes, government is the greater good.

That notion is out of step with the country, which has seen a monumental shift in the past year.  Remember, just 11 months ago the House passed a $2.5 trillion health care law.  Now, they’re arguing over how much money to cut.  This is a positive development – one that we should continue to encourage and push.

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