Inside the House: Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking.  Funds for non-essential government operations will run out on Friday.

The House continues its hard work, which started several weeks ago with the drafting and passage of $61 billion in cuts.  Late last week, House Republicans announced they would bring forward a two-week funding measure that would cut $4 billion.  This would be the second attempt by the new Republican majority in the House to fund the government and cut spending.

The cuts are contained in this short-term extension come from President Obama’s FY2012 budget, which will make it very difficult for the President and Senate Democrats to withhold support.  If the President signs $4 billion in cuts into law, it will rightly be viewed as a victory for conservatives.  However, it will be just a small first step on the way toward much larger cuts and reforms.

Also happening this week will be a vote on repealing an Obamacare tax hike, known as the 1099 expensing.

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