Effective Grassroots Activism is Personal: Advice from Across the Pond

Conservative MP Robert Halfon has good advice for activists, published in this Guardian piece:

Make it personalised and local, and you will not just have my real support, but that of many other MPs as well.

Being personable and building personal relationships takes more time than submitting online form letters, but is far more effective.

According to MP Halfon, a personal, hand-signed letter referencing local information is effective for catching his attention. Invitations to local events and local branches are also more interesting than form letters.

Make your conservative activism local and personal.

  • Local information: find local and specific information related to the policy ideas you support. Be sure to reference these figures in your letters and phone calls.
  • Local events: band together with other conservatives and hold local events, highlighting the issues you care about. Invite your Member of Congress to participate in your events.
  • Local staff: build relationships with your Member of Congress’s local staff. They may be the key to getting relevant information and arguments in front of the real decision-maker.
  • Personable: effective activism should not be antagonistic and angry. Everyone likes to talk and work with people they like. Be likable!
  • Personal: as you build relationships with staff and your Members of Congress, be sure to emphasize your policy ideas and why you think this way.

These strategies will help your activism become more effective. You can still send emails, make phone calls, and mail letters, but doing it with a personal/local strategy will make your actions more effective.

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