Driving the Day: Spending Votes, Again

It’s more of the same today in Washington – the House will vote on more amendments to cut spending.  This is the sort of change we can believe in!

As we said yesterday, one of today’s votes is likely to be on an amendment to cut an additional $20 billion in spending.  Every conservative should support this amendment.  If you have not done so already, call your Representative and encourage support of this amendment now.

On the other side of the Capitol, in the Senate, Harry Reid is doing his best impression of the absent Wisconsin Senate Democrats.  There is no open process in place on the Senate side to cut spending.  Instead, Reid and others are content to throw stones and invoke the specter of a government shutdown.   Fortunately, Speaker John Boehner pushed back yesterday; declaring that we’ll get spending cuts one way or another.

Votes in the House today start around 11am.  It’s going to be another fun, wild day in Washington.

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