Driving the Day: Polls Bolster Conservatives

The day-to-day struggles in Washington have a tendency to obscure what is happening in America, from the struggle to find a job to the inability to find affordable health care coverage.  New Rasmussen polling sheds some light on the sentiment of likely voters in America.

Repeal. Likely voters favor repeal by a 21-point margin, 58% to 37%.  Claims that voters would grow to love the bill have turned out to be false.  In fact, support for repeal has consistently remained at or above 50% since the bill was signed into law.

Spending. Americans are keenly aware that government spending has increased every year since 1954.  According to Rasmussen, 60% of likely voters believe that statement; including 67% of Republicans and 54% of Democrats.

What can conservatives take away from these polls?  We must continue to push for repeal and we cannot back down from the challenge of cutting government spending.

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