Driving the Day: Obstruction

Obstruction is the name of the game.  From Wisconsin and Indiana to Washington, political obstruction is trumping the advancement of sound policy.  This politically motivated obstruction threatens our economy and demonstrates an unwillingness to tackle our nation’s most pressing challenges.

In Wisconsin, every single state Senate Democrat fled the state, blocking consideration of the governor’s budget plan, which would eliminate collective bargaining for state government workers.  Indiana House Democrats followed suit in an attempt to block a GOP-backed labor bill.

The message: if you don’t like something, just take your ball and go home.  That stands in stark contrast President Obama’s stimulus-era pronouncement that “elections have consequences.”

Of course, the President himself seems to have forgotten that message.  Rather than embrace the relatively small cuts passed by the House, the President threatened a veto and his Democratic allies in Congress are uttering the words “government shutdown” towards every television camera they can find.

Notice a theme?  Advocates of big-government will go to any length, including a forced shutdown of the government, to protect government spending and unsustainable public worker benefits.

Their fidelity to special interests does not stop there, though.  It also extends to radical environmentalists.  As oil prices approach $100 per barrel and some experts predicting $5 per gallon gasoline, the Obama administration continues to stymie domestic oil production.  103 Gulf drilling plans are awaiting government approval.  Recently, a judge held the Interior Department in contempt for ignoring its orders.

It’s time to call balls and strikes – big-government liberals are being obstructionists, trying to lock down the status quo.  They’re ignoring the message from November, and they do so at their own peril.

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