Driving the Day: Budget Gimmicks

Yesterday, President Obama unveiled his Fiscal Year 2012 budget, which he claimed, “asks Washington to live within its means, while at the same time investing in our future.”

The media latched onto the “cuts,” declaring, Painful cuts in $3.7 trillion budget.  It’s a headline grabber, but it obscures the real point, which is that the President is increasing spending.  As Heritage’s JD Foster explains, once you sort through the President’s accounting gimmicks, the 2012 budget actually INCREASED discretionary spending by $38.2 billion.

Later today, the House will begin debate over REAL spending reductions, as part of their effort to complete funding for Fiscal Year 2011.  During the next few days, these cuts will be characterized as a disaster for the environment, for families and for seniors.  From 2009 to 2011, discretionary spending has increased by 16%.

It’s time Americans – and their Members of Congress – stop talking about pain and start forcing the defenders of big government to justify the egregious amounts of taxpayer and borrowed money being spent on failed programs.

This is a debate conservatives should welcome!

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