Congressman Wittman on Spending

I just got off the phone with Congressman Rob Wittman (R-VA) who called to let us know that he had problems with the score we gave him on our After Action Report for the spending votes on H.R. 1.

Rep. Wittman voted to cut spending 4 times over the course of 11 votes. He also missed the other 10 votes so his overall score of 36 percent was based on less votes than many others. Rep. Wittman was not alone in missing votes. Other congressmen missed multiple votes as well but we did not include missed votes in tabulating our scores. Scores were based only on votes cast.

Rep. Wittman missed a large string of votes because of a tragedy in his family — his father recently passed away. He tells me that had he been present for the 10 votes he missed he would have voted in favor of spending cuts on every one of them which would have brought his ratio up to 14 votes in favor of cuts out of 21.

We take the Congressman at his word that he would have voted for these cuts and are terribly sorry for the loss he and his family has endured.

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