GOP Senators Rule Out Earmarks for 112th Congress

It has been a week of contrasts for the American people. President Obama and his allies have reaffirmed their liberal stripes while Republicans in Congress are working hard to prove their conservative bono fides.

Liberal recap: In his State of the Union Address, President Obama called for more spending and called on the government to win America’s future. He also doubled down on Obamacare, rallying supporters at a Families USA conference. Bottom line: more spending and more government.

Conservative recap: Conservatives in the House sent a letter to Speaker Boehner, urging $100 billion in cuts to the continuing resolution, expected to be debated sometime in February. In the Senate, GOP Leader Mitch McConnell began the procedural maneuvering to force a vote on repealing Obamacare. Bottom line: less spending and less government.

But the week it not over for many conservative House members. They are out at the Reagan Ranch, discussing how to return America to the exceptional nation we all love! Keep tabs on them on Twitter: #heritagecmr

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