Live Update from the Conservative Members Retreat

Even sunny Los Angeles cannot escape the grip of yesterday’s big east coast snowstorms. While the weather is beautiful here, the annual Conservative Member Retreat, hosted by The Heritage Foundation, is feeling the effects of the weather: Members of Congress who were have supposed to arrive last night are only just now beginning to trickle in.

Not to worry, the turnout is still looking strong and east coast airports are clearing their backlog of flights.

And it is a good thing too. This is an important retreat for Heritage every year. But this year in particular is especially meaningful. We are in LA at the Reagan Library because we are nearing what would have been The Gipper’s 100th birthday. We are here in part to honor his legacy.

There couldn’t be a more appropriate time to think about that legacy of smaller government, low taxes, American greatness, strength across the globe, and economic prosperity.

Our country is in trouble and we need leaders who are determined to save it. The Members of Congress that trek to the Reagan Library for this retreat are here not just to honor Reagan and remember the lessons he taught us, but also to devise a plan for the future.

Over the course of the next three days, we will be focusing on the first principles that made this country great. And we will be doing deep dives in to the many complex policy challenges that demand solutions if we are to turn things around.

Stay tuned here at Heritage Action and follow the discussion on Twitter to see how things are going.

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