There They Go Again!

While you’ve been spending the holidays with your family and friends, powerful special interests have been working quietly behind the scenes trying to stop newly-elected conservatives from derailing their government gravy train.

Last week, Republicans released a draft of the rules that will govern the House of Representatives in the upcoming 112th Congress.  The rules package is a first step towards correcting some of Washington’s most dysfunctional habits.

For example, the old rules actually encouraged the federal government to spend more money than it had on federal transportation projects.  The new rules seek to prevent overspending and eliminate the need for a transportation bailout, which taxpayers have done regularly over the past three years.

Sounds like a great change, right?

It is, unless your business model depends upon Washington’s irresponsible spending.  Much of the  Washington Establishment – everyone from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to the Laborer International Union – is working hard to defeat this commonsense change because they realize there will be less taxpayer money lining their pockets as a result.

In a letter to lawmakers, sent to justify their devotion to government pork, they argued the changes could make an “already destabilized U.S. transportation construction marketplace” worse.  Their argument sounds eerily reminiscent of those made by stimulus-backers.  Indeed, they go on to say, Congress should enact “a robust, multi-year…transportation program that creates jobs and boosts the economy.”

Enough is enough.  Clearly, big business and big labor just do not get it – Americans have had it with big-government solutions.  They’re ready for government to step back and spend less.

Fortunately, many Republicans in the House are ready to fight for smaller government.  Some, however, will be tempted to water down the rules package on January 4th because of the pressure from powerful special interests.

The message voters sent on November 2nd was clear: the time for the status quo big government approach is over.  The American people want a conservative Congress that works hard to slash government spending and return our country to a sustainable and prosperous path.

Politicians who do not heed this warning do so at their peril.  One way they can show the American people that the message has been received is to protect this change in the rules package.

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