Senate Considering Dangerous New START Treaty

Just after 2pm today, the Senate began consideration of the New START Treaty.

As we’ve been saying for months, the administration’s failure to release the negotiating records has made it impossible to make a good decision. Basically, the Senate is deliberating without all of the facts.

Moreover, treaty opponents have been making consistent, substantive arguments about the treaty’s threat to America’s defensive abilities. Instead of responding to our concerns about missile defense, tactical nuclear weapons, and verification, supporters resort to ad hominem attacks and heavyweight namedropping — those arguments are logical fallacies. Appealing to authority instead of rebutting arguments is a sign of weakness in a debate.

Absent strong arguments, New START’s supporters continue to rely on political muscle to ratify the treaty. That’s why they are rushing this through during a lame duck session right before Christmas, all without funding the government.

If Senate Democrats are serious about protecting America’s national security and conducting successful foreign policy, they’ll welcome a full and open debate on this treaty.  If they are genuinely interested in substance, they’ll allow unlimited amendments to New START’s preamble, treaty text, and resolution of ratification.  Harry Reid promised Senators would not be “jammed” and we expect him to honor his word.

If the President and Harry Reid try to ram this treaty, they’ll reveal their true colors, again.  It’s up to conservative Senators to put an end to this dangerous treaty.

Call your Senators and tell them to oppose this fatally flawed treaty.

Even those Senators that support the treaty should be willing to have an open, robust debate on it’s merits. Considering the weighty policy at hand, it’s what America deserves.

Call your Senator now.

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