REPORT! New START Deal Close?

Politico’s Morning Defense reports a New START deal may be very close.

BREAKING: DEAL CLOSE ON NEW START? – After a high-level meeting yesterday, the Senate may have reached a deal to vote on New START as soon as next week, Morning Defense has learned. Some details weren’t yet complete, according to a source familiar with the discussions, but it’s possible the arrangement could involve a rumored compromise under which the Senate would both ratify the arms treaty and extend the Bush tax cuts, giving wins to both Democrats and Republicans.

Opponents were calling this a bad trade even before the meeting took place Wednesday: “Senate Republicans must not use a nuclear treaty as a chit,” warned a statement from Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham.

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President Obama has taken to the airwaves to pump up support for the New Start Treaty with Russia by arguing that Ronald Reagan would have endorsed it. Both of us had the high honor of knowing our 40th president. We worked for Ronald Reagan, and we’re sure that’s not the case.

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At Russia’s insistence, the treaty contains language that some Republicans think does – and the Obama administration insists does not – couple limits on offensive and defensive systems. If it does, Republicans should oppose New START; if the language is, as the administration says, without force, it should be deleted.

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