Obama's Tax Deals: See Details and Take Action

Heritage Action opposes Obama’s tax deal. Meeting behind closed doors and hashing out huge swaths of policy with no regard for principle is not good governance.

When the ‘deal’ was finally public, it was far more expansive than originally announced. This is why we called on Congress not to rubber stamp it. You can see the Senate version of Obama’s tax deal here (PDF link). 10/14 Update: the Senate backed the legislation late Monday, setting the stage for a final vote in the next few days. The deal would then go to the House.

The Heritage Foundation has helpful research on two core components of the deal: a newly recreated estate tax and a 13 months extension of unemployment benefits. The ‘death tax’ destroys jobs and unemployment benefits cause people to remain unemployed longer.

Controversial policy items deserve public discourse and legislating. This is Washington at it’s worst: back-room deals resulting in irresponsible spending and new taxes.

Tell Congress enough is enough: make the call now.

Our work on Obama’s tax deal:

Last week, we asked conservative activists across the country to call their Members of Congress with this message: Don’t Rubber Stamp the Tax Deal. Congress heard the message: don’t bring back to the estate tax and don’t tie taxes and spending together. They didn’t do anything.

This morning, The Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell decried the giveaways in the tax deal, asking why liberals seem set on subsidies for special interests and tax hikes. Our blog covered how instead of responsible tax policy, Obama’s given us the ‘hawkeye handout.’

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