MUST READ: Nullifying Obamacare, Empowering States

In just over a week, Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives. Americans swept them into power in November on the promise they would stop the advance of big government and roll it back. Nothing exemplifies President Obama’s big-government agenda more than Obamacare. House Republicans are expected to act swiftly to stymie the law’s implementation and repeal it.

In the Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes outlines another approach to nullifying Obamacare – interstate compacts.  Barnes

The newest and most ambitious would create a health care compact among the states and use it to switch control of health care programs from the federal government to the states.

If that sounds like a long shot, it’s no more so than the other schemes for nullifying Obamacare. These include repeal by Congress or by constitutional amendment, lawsuits to strike down Obamacare’s individual mandate, and actions by governors and House Republicans to slow down its implementation.

Those are worthy efforts. But a health care compact would do more. If successful—a very big “if”—it would reduce the scope of Washington’s power. States, not Congress, the White House, or federal bureaucrats, would set the rules for health care from top to bottom, from Medicare and Medicaid to individual insurance policies.

Barnes also explains how such an effort could gain bipartisan support in Congress:

However, there’s a bigger reason for forming a compact against Obamacare. By banding together, states would have far more political clout in Washington. Backers of the health care compact figure they need more than 20 states to pressure Washington to go along. Their assumption is members of Congress (even Democrats who support Obamacare) would be inclined to vote for a formal request from their home state. Members who oppose Obama-care would vote for it as well.

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