Must Read: GOP Charge up Capitol Hill

Fred Barnes has a must read piece in today’s Wall Street Journal outlining how House Republicans will work to change Washington next year.

But the political culture of the country has changed and House Republicans intend to take full advantage of the new conservative mood. Even now they’re ready to join Senate Republicans to block the spending surge that Democrats are trying to slip through the lame duck Congress this week.

The new political imperative would seem to require that. Public sentiment now strongly favors cuts in spending, less government, and a shift in power to the states.

The Republicans’ strategy is to use the House as a battering ram to force their proposals and ideas to the top of Washington’s list of priorities. By passing spending cuts—a new one every week—and curbs on government activism, the goal is to put Democrats and the president on the defensive.

By all accounts, this is a unique historic moment and it is incumbent upon newly elected conservatives to seize it, rejecting the Washington establishment and embracing the will of the people.

Legislative sausage-making like the tax deal, the chit-trading associated with New START and the earmarks in the omnibus frustrate Americans.  They wonder if folks in Washington truly understand the sentiment of the American people.

Want to make sure Congress lives up to its mandate?  Join our Spending A-Team. It’s a dedicated group of conservative activists, ready to hold Congress accountable and make spending cuts a reality.

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