More House Republicans Express Concerns with New START

Yesterday, members of the House Armed Services Committee urged Senate leaders to delay action on the nuclear treaty with Russia amid “outstanding concerns regarding Russian intentions, missile defense limitations, and nuclear modernization.”

Key excerpt:

There remains a significant divide between Russia and the U.S. on whether New START affects our ability to deploy missiles defenses, particularly long-range missile defenses in Europe.  Despite testimony from Administration officials that New START does not limit U.S. missile defenses, Moscow seems to believe it will.  Russian officials have declared they would withdraw from the treaty if U.S. missile defense systems are upgraded quantitatively or qualitatively.

These members deserve praise for discussing substantive concerns with the treaty.  All too often, treaty proponents have fallen back on ad hominem attacks and heavyweight name-dropping.  Now, Senators must recognize that real concerns exist and take their advice and consent role seriously.

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