Driving the Day: START Sell Out and Dirty “CR”

START Sell Out

According to the Politico, the great START sell out is underway.  Yesterday, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) filed an amendment to the resolution of ratification that would clarify the treaty does not limit missile defense.  Of course, the resolution of ratification does not trump the treaty text itself, which the Russians will interpret literally.

More likely than not, the amendment will only serve to provide cover for moderates who were looking for an excuse to vote for the flawed treaty. And Senators are under intense pressure to support the treaty, as many have received multiple phone calls from Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Clinton and the President himself.

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A cloture vote (60-vote hurdle) is expected to occur around 11am this morning.  We will be watching the vote total closely: it is a proxy for the treaty’s overall support.

Take action to stop New START: Check out yesterday’s whip list, with phone numbers

Another Dirty Spending Resolution

Before the Senate moves to invoke cloture on the treaty, they’ll have a similar vote on a measure that would fund the government through March 4, 2011.  While this is a marked improvement over the Democrats previous $1.1 trillion effort, it is hardly a “clean” continuing resolution.

More business as usual in Washington.

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