What to Do if Your Member of Congress is Right

As a native of Maine, I can only imagine the gift it would be to have a truly conservative member of Congress. Many of Heritage Action’s most devoted conservative activists come from districts and states represented by very solid conservatives. These Members need no reminding to do the right thing, in issues both small and large. While an activist’s role may seem marginal in these districts, it is not.

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Staying active will help keep your Member of Congress strong and on the right track. Here are our suggestions:

  1. Thank them: whenever a Member of Congress takes a stand on a divisive issue, the losing side promises political retribution. Rarely, however, do supporters of the Member’s action contact him or her with messages of gratitude. Taking a few minutes to make a call, send an email, or write a letter of gratitude will encourage the Member of Congress and staff to continue making the right choice.
  2. Build a relationship: attend your Member’s local events. Pose respectful questions and thank him or her for solid answers. Get to know the staff that support your Member of Congress during these events and at other opportunities. Building a supportive relationship will give the Member of Congress a view from a conservative citizen. This could prove fruitful if they make a wrong choice; the relationship will keep you connected to the fight for conservative values: ask how you can help them be more effective.
  3. Find a problem child:  if your Members of Congress are consistently on the right side, find a nearby Member that’s not. Focus some of your efforts in that district. Help organize local conservatives to contact the Member and write for a newspaper or other media outlet that covers both areas.
  4. Build a group: especially in a strong District,  a team of activists can have a big impact. Organizing and leading a group that applies pressure on or thanks Representative. This kind of leadership could put you in a position to informally advise staff on policy or other activist leaders on tactics.

The team here at Heritage Action came up with this list to get you started. If you live in a conservative area, what would you add? Let us know in the comments.

If your Members of Congress are the opposite, and refuse to do the right thing, take a look at our advice here.

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