STARTing to become Absurd

Yesterday, the administration began an all out effort to push for ratification of the fatally flawed New START Treaty during the Senate’s lame duck session.  During an interview with NPR, Ellen Tauscher, undersecretary for arms control and international security, made a curious comment:

And, you know, it’s been a month that the treaty itself has been available to be read at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee…

Ms. Tauscher made those comments in the context of touting the administration’s openness and transparency.  The treaty itself is widely available – it was actually available on April 8th.  The administration’s refusal to provide full access to the negotiating records and all other communications associated with the treaty is the real issue.

It’s an absurd statement and it only serves to distract Americans from the fundamental flaw with New START: it undermines our national security.  Then again, Ms. Tauscher also said she “can’t tell you anybody of importance and of pedigree” who opposes the treaty.

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