Senator Bond Announces “Strong Opposition” to New START

On Thursday, in a little noticed speech, retiring Missouri Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) announced his “strong opposition” to the New START treaty.  Senator Bond’s speech is a must read:

But with what I have learned from classified intelligence information, I cannot in good conscience support this treaty.

The first thing we must all understand about this treaty is that it forces the United States to reduce unilaterally our forces, such as missiles, bombers, and warheads, in order to meet treaty limits. On the other hand, the Russians will actually be allowed to increase their deployed forces because they currently fall below the treaty’s limits. This raises a crucial question: exactly what does the United States gain from this treaty in exchange for a one-sided reduction in our deployed forces?

The Select Committee on Intelligence has been looking at this issue closely over the past several months. As the vice chairman of this committee, I have reviewed the key intelligence on our ability to monitor this treaty and heard from our intelligence professionals. There is no doubt in my mind that the United States cannot reliably verify the treaty’s 1,550 limit on deployed warheads.

The administration claims that New START is indispensible to reap the “Reset” benefits with Russia. If a fatally flawed arms control agreement is the price of admission to the Reset game, our Nation is better off if we this one out.

Senator Bond’s speech is too important to be ignored by the media.  Do you part and get the word out.  Americans must understand what is at stake!

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