Pelosi’s Last Lame Duck: What Could Go Wrong?

Clint Howard and crew joined Heritage Action for another satirical video. This time, we take a humorous look at what could be happening in a Congressman’s office as they scramble to prepare for the coming ‘lame duck’ session of Congress.

Heritage Action is using these videos for a variety of reasons, but a few may help you shape your online activism efforts.

Why does Heritage Action run these videos?

1. Put the media into ‘social media’: building support on the internet requires more than just being online and saying the right things, conservatives have to participate in a larger series of conversations. This means creating media content and entering into the established social platforms. In our case, we put these videos on YouTube and Facebook with links back to our site.

2. Get attention with humor: publishing words on the internet is essentially free. The tough thing is separating your message from the crowd and earning the attention of your audience. We’ve chosen to do that with humor. Saying “Congress is out of touch with conservative American values” is easy, but the message is unlikely to draw in a new audience. However, saying the same message with a humorous video will garner more attention and expand your audience.

3. Go to where people are: we’ve posted this video series to our website, but also onto Vimeo and YouTube. By pushing our content out to sites that already have substantial traffic, we’re exposing more people to our message. It’s a whole lot easier to reach people where they already are than asking them to come someplace new. If your message is really engaging, they’ll follow back to your site and be ready for more.

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