MUST READ: Voters Show Their Enthusiasm for Obamacare’s Repeal

If you’re looking for an accurate and concise replay of Obamacare and the elections, look no further than Deroy Murdock’s column this week in NRO.

Democrats cannot spin Tuesday’s election as merely an anti-incumbent exercise. Rather, it was Washington, D.C.’s biggest midterm shift in party power since 1938. At this writing, no sitting Republican senator and only two GOP House members have lost reelection. Meanwhile, two Senate and 49 House Democrats — including the Armed Services, Budget, and Transportation Committee chairmen — will clear their desks and go home. (Several tight tallies could shift those numbers.) The American people gagged on government — gargantuan, profligate, and pugilistic government — especially in its domestic quintessence: Obamacare. Calls to repeal the Democrats’ wheezing contraption grew louder Tuesday.

Read the rest at NRO…and then take action to help make repeal become a reality.

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