MUST READ: Sen. Jon Kyl on Meet the Press

Yesterday, Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press to discuss the New START Treaty with Russia.

Key excerpt:

MR. GREGORY:  Senator Kyl, I just want to zero in on one point to which I don’t feel like I’ve gotten an answer to…substantively, are you not getting from the White House that you want, to say, “Yes, I can support this”?

SEN. KYL:  First of all, let me quote The Washington Post, which directly addressed the question that you asked.  “No calamity will befall the United States if the Senate does not act this year.” … But specifically to your question, there are a series of issues that relate, first off all, to provisions of the treaty itself and how it deals with missile defense and conventional prompt global strike and some other issues.  Secondly, you have the question of modernization, which is the thing that Senator Durbin pointed out that I had been primarily focused on.

David Gregory deserves some credit – unlike last week’s Sunday shows, he tried to focus this exchange on substance.  Of course, there are serious concerns with the substance of the treaty.  Senator Kyl alluded to those concerns, though he did not elaborate.  With tensions rising in North Korea and Iran, conservatives need to engage on substance, not process.

Read the entire transcript, here.

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