MUST READ: Attorney General Ed Meese on Why Obama Stumbled

Former Attorney General Ed Meese has a great column in the Chicago Tribune, explaining why President Obama stumbled.  It’s a must read:

So how did it all go so wrong for President Obama and this newest “New Deal”? There is a pattern in history here. It was the pattern that swept President Ronald Reagan to power in 1980 and gave Republicans and their “Contract with America” overwhelming electoral victories in 1994.

President Obama’s mistake — like that of President Jimmy Carter and, to a lesser extent, President Bill Clinton — is not merely that he overread his mandate, overreached legislatively and overreacted to conditions on the ground, although all that is true.

The mistake all three made is they failed to understand the American people. They didn’t recognize the reluctance of our citizens to accept extravagant increases in governmental power.

Mr. Meese closes on a cautionary note: “Whether the new Congress will choose the wiser policy path remains to be seen.”  Heritage Action is here to make sure they do.  Take action now!

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