Heritage Action Supports Earmark Moratorium

Heritage Action Supports Earmark Moratorium

Urges Senate Republicans to Support DeMint’s Conference Rules Change

Washington, D.C. – Next Tuesday, Senate Republicans will adopt internal conference rules, which will guide their caucus throughout the 112th Congress.  One of the most serious questions facing the conference is whether to enact a two-year moratorium on earmarks as part of their rules package.

“Senate Republicans have an opportunity to demonstrate they are serious about bringing fiscal responsibility to Washington,” Heritage Action’s CEO Michael A. Needham said.  “Senator DeMint’s earmark moratorium would effectively put an end to a practice that epitomizes Washington’s irresponsible spending.”

In March, the Senate rejected a two-year moratorium on earmarks, which gained the support of 25 Republican Senators.  At the same time, House Republicans adopted a one-year moratorium, which they plan to extend through the 112th Congress.

“Last week, Americans made clear they were fed up with the way Washington does business,” Needham continued.  “This is their opportunity to prove they understood the electorate’s message.”

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