Your Most Important Stop on the Internet

The promise of the Internet, at least according to its inventor Al Gore, is unprecedented communication and collaboration. Yet most of the emails we get are spam.

Our solution is putting you, the activist, in control. Our activist platform puts you in the driver’s seat. Signing up shows that you’re interested in making a difference for conservatism with us; every time you log in, we give you the tools to make that difference.

We update the activist platform to give you our persecutive on the difference we’re making. We put news links in various groups, post bulletins to the sidebar, and setup actions for you to complete–empowering you to advance conservatism.

Last week we produced and released a tax video, pushing it to our activists in the platform, as well as our facebook and twitter followers. You took action and the video collected over 25,000 views without sending a single email to our list.

Later, the Huffington Post published a claim that the video’s writer took material from a previous ad. This surprised us, and our writer quickly published a throttling rebuttal on Big Hollywood. We pushed his response to our activists on the platform, allowing those interested in the latest without having their email box filled.

Keep logging in to the platform, and we’ll giving you our latest news and actions.

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