Why Commenting Matters

The online world has created a new flavor of political conversation. Before the web, we talked politics at work, the barbershop, and bars. Maybe the very bold among us brought up politics at our family reunions. Now, we can talk politics with the world without leaving the couch. But should we?

There are two compelling reasons to make online political comments. In order for our country to work, we need educated and active citizens. Participating in the comments section on a political blog or Facebook posting helps you move forward along both paths.

Knowledgeable citizens make better voters; articulate citizens spread the right ideas to their families and friends. Reading intelligent political commentary can make you knowledgeable, but interacting with other readers will solidify your knowledge and sharpen your ability to articulate your positions. Getting involved in a pointless comment-war on a controversial blog post is probably a waste of time. However, posting a short, thoughtful comment can move the conversation forward, giving everyone a chance to learn from your perspective.

The key to making conservative changes in America is people’s willingness to do the hard work of convincing their elected officials to do the right thing. Ask any productivity expert: doing something big starts with a series of really small steps. Training yourself to take action on your conservative views can start with posting comments. Posting comments takes you out of a passive mode (reading) and puts you into an active mode (writing). Taking this small step can help you foster a bias towards action.

I’m not arguing that online comments will save democracy or that commenting online is your only patriotic duty. But I think this progression can be valuable:

  1. Read political news and commentary online.
  2. Ask questions and talk about what you read online.
  3. Look for ways to take action, spreading your knowledge to others, including decision-makers.

As more of our conservative friends move through this progression, the more impact we will have. Conservatism’s advance depends on you taking action. Online comments are a good place to start.

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