Untangling the Spin: Obamacare is an Election Issue

Yesterday, Kaiser released their final pre-election Health Tracking Poll.  Their narrative was predictable:

No matter what their views on the issue, however, health reform does not appear to be the main issue for most voters as we head into the November elections.

Kaiser asked likely voters to name the “most important” issue heading into November.  Not surprisingly, the “economy and jobs” topped the list with 34%, followed by “dissatisfaction with government” at 12% and “health care reform” at 10%.

Kaiser’s takeaway:

[O]nly one in ten voters currently name health reform as the issue driving their vote.

It makes for a snappy headline and useful talking point for pro-Obamacare pundits, but let’s untangle the spin and look deeper into the poll.

Four key points the many pundits and media-types missed:

  • among all adults, Obamacare ‘s favorable/unfavorable is -2; however, the split jumps to -10 among likely voters;
  • one in three voters are “more likely” to vote this year because of the law;
  • independents are twice as likely to oppose a pro-Obamacare candidate than support the candidate; and,
  • 81% of registered voters consider Obamacare either extremely or very important.

Obamacare is clearly an issue to more than just one out of every ten voters.  The law is more unpopular among likely voters, it is driving turnout for one-third of voters and alienating twice as many independents as it is attracting.  President Obama’s signature accomplishment will be on the minds of voters on November 2nd.

Moving beyond the headlines is important.  Heritage Action is working hard to be your conservative voice in Washington and untangle the political spin.  If you haven’t done so already, sign up for our activist platform and help get the word out – it’s about Obamacare, stupid!

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