Reps. Skelton and McIntyre feel the heat

How unpopular is Obamacare?  More and more Democrats are abandoning President Obama’s signature legislative achievement.

In August, Heritage Action ran one of our first paid tv advertisements in Rep. Ike Skelton’s (D-MO) district imploring him to sign discharge petition #11 to help force a vote to repeal Obamacare. On Friday, Rep Skelton (D-MO) could no longer remain silent.  He told KMBC Kansas City he supported repealing Obamacare, becoming the first Democratic committee chairman to publically say he would support repealing the law.

Why did Rep. Skelton wait until two weeks before the elections to make his views clear?  He could have signed onto the Discharge Petition #11 months ago, like his colleague Gene Taylor (D-MS).  We are certainly glad he has joined the ranks of those that want to repeal, but the people of Missouri deserve action, not rhetoric.

We also ran ads in Rep. Mike McIntyre’s (D-NC) district concerning repeal of Obamacare.  In the ad we ask Rep. McIntyre to “choose principle over Pelosi.” Yesterday, the Politico reported he apparently is half way there.  McIntyre said he would support Pelosi’s opponent when it came to vote for the Speaker of the House in the new Congress.  Unfortunately, he has yet to support repeal.  This is a sign he is feeling the pressure as the election draws closer.  We will keep you posted if things change.

Hundreds of people in these two districts have helped pressure their member by sending emails, making phone calls, writing letters to the editor and recruiting their friends to do the same.  And many of them have used our activist tool Wildfire to do so.  If you have not already, sign up today to join a community of people who are actively fighting to repeal Obamacare.

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