Obamacare Repeal: The Issue in Maryland's 1st District Race

Many Members of Congress campaign on strong ties to their district. In some years, a vast network of friends can be enough; but this year the issues are more important.

Take Maryland’s 1st District. A voter, who described himself as a friend of Rep. Frank Kratovil, is planning to vote against the Democratic incumbent. Why? Because Rep. Kratovil voted against Obamacare, but refused to support its repeal. 173 of his colleagues have signaled their support for repeal by signing House Discharge Petition #11 — Frank Kratovil has not.

Here’s the quote as reported in Politics Daily:

Benjamin Cassell, 63, a Stevensville transportation consultant, is solidly in the Harris camp. “I am a friend of Frank Kratovil but I don’t want him as my congressman because he’s irresponsible. He voted to give his aides a bonus, he voted himself a raise. . . . But what really got me was he voted against the health care, but he refuses to sign the discharge petition to repeal it.”

As we’ve been saying since June, real opposition to Obamacare means signing Discharge Petition #11. Our repeal effort has recruited hundreds of conservatives in Maryland’s 1st District. We will keep pushing for repeal, and our efforts will become more effective as citizens like Mr. Cassell highlight the issue.

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