Obamacare: Less Competition, Higher Prices

Obamacare is just seven months old and Americans are already growing weary of the law’s unintended consequences.  Today’s Wall Street Journal has a must read on how the law will decrease choice and increase costs.  From WSJ:

ObamaCare’s once and future harms have been well chronicled, but the major effects so far are less obvious and arguably more important: A wave of consolidation is washing over the health markets, and the result is going to be higher costs.

… This dynamic is leading to much larger hospital systems and physician groups, and fewer insurers dominated by a handful of national conglomerates. ObamaCare was sold using the language of choice and competition, but it is actually reducing both.

Obamacare has never enjoyed the support of a majority of Americans and with stories like this it is easy to see why.  Conversely, Rasmussen has consistently found majority support for repeal.

How did this all come to be?

First, Obamacare was flawed from the outset and the backroom dealing only made things worse.  Equally as important though, Americans refused to accept Obamacare as a done deal.  Since Obamacare became law, Americans have flooded their local editorial pages, sent letters and made phone calls to their Members of Congress, and made repeal a priority in the midterm elections.

One of the most telling examples came earlier this fall.  Retired Army Sergeant Major Roger Stewart called Congressman Mike McIntyre (D-NC) to ask him why he had not signed Discharge Petition #11.  Mr. Stewart chronicled the Congressman’s response in the Wilmington StarNews:

I was surprised that he personally answered his office phone, but then when I politely asked him whether he would sign the petition, Congressman McIntyre literally hung up on me.

All over the country, concerned Americans are taking action.  After the elections are over, we’ll need that same enthusiasm directed toward holding Congress accountable.  Take Action now and prepare for the fight.

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