Local: Discharge petition tests his true sentiments

This letter to the editor appeared in the Idaho Statesman:

WALT MINNICK: Discharge petition tests his true sentiments

“Many of us think Walt Minnick’s vote against Obamacare was a ruse. We think if his vote had really been needed he would have voted in line with his leader. But since the Democrats had more than enough votes to pass it, there was no reason to expose his true intent. Mr. Minnick now has an opportunity to prove us wrong, or right.

“There currently is a discharge petition floating in D.C. which would put Obamacare up for another vote. It would give Congress a chance to vote again, after actually learning a little about what the bill contains.

“If enough congressmen sign the petition, the speaker of the House can’t refuse the vote. So, now is Mr. Minnick’s chance to show Idaho if he is an Obama lackey as we believe, or if he really represents the citizens of Idaho.”