Driving the Week: Economy to Slow, Again

The mid-term elections are just around the corner.  Jobs, health care and spending are the issues.  Not surprisingly, liberal solutions have proven unpopular with Americans, in large part because they ignore America’s historic entrepreneurial spirit.  And now, news may be getting worse on the jobs front.

According to the Associated Press:

The National Association for Business Economics survey, set to be released Monday, found that economists have become more cautious in the third quarter, with 54 percent expecting growth of more than 2 percent in 2010, down from 67 percent in a similar survey last quarter. Still, those in the survey saw improvement in a number of areas.

Translation: the economic growth being touted by the President and many liberal politicians may be fleeting.  Why?  The survey gives us a glimpse there, too.

A majority of those surveyed also expected government regulations and federal taxes to hurt company performance next year.

Big government solutions do not work.  Undermining business performance means fewer jobs.  Americans understand the massive regulatory burdens associated Obamacare, the new financial law and the EPA’s global warming agenda (to name a few) are hampering our economy.  Why don’t the politicians?

Challenge: If you see a mainstream news organization mention the burden of “government regulations and federal taxes,” log onto our activist platform and let us know.  Chances are most will ignore this key bit of information.

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