Beyond the Headline: Gallup calls Economy Top Issue for Voters

Americans are deeply concerned about the economy, and for good reason.  Job growth is anemic, at best, and the prospects for a swift, sustained economic recovery are bleak.  And for many Americans, there is a palpable sense the country is falling behind the rest of the world.

However, Gallup cautions us about drawing the wrong conclusions:

While the economy is the dominant issue, it may not be quite as pivotal in determining the election outcome.

Among registered voters, 43% cite “economic conditions” as the most important issue when it comes to their vote.  However, a combined 41% cite “health care” or “size and power of the federal government” as the most important issue.  Obamacare encompasses both, highlighting our nation’s health care policy and ever-growing power of the government.

But for Obamacare, health care would not be on the minds of voters.  Again, Gallup:

Compared with prior midterm election years, Republicans are now much more likely to name healthcare as the most important issue to their vote. The 20% of Republican registered voters who say healthcare is most important this year compares with 7% who did so in 2002, and 8% in 2006. In fact, in both of those years, healthcare was last or tied for last among Republicans. The change obviously reflects Republicans’ opposition to the healthcare overhaul that Congress passed this year.

Interestingly, Independents are now just as likely as Republicans to name “size and power of the federal government” as their top issue – only 3% of Democrats do.

When voters go to the polls next week, they’ll be focused broadly on two issues: a struggling economy and an expanding government.  Of course, both are inexorably linked.  Obamacare, spending, taxes and a potpourri of absurd regulations are hampering economic growth.  That is why Heritage Action will fight to repeal Obamacare, cut spending and taxes, and roll back the size and scope of government.

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