WSJ: ObamaCare 'Amnesia'

“‘They’re betting that between now and November, you’re going to come down with amnesia,” President Obama told a Milwaukee crowd on Monday, vilifying the Republicans who “helped devastate our middle class.” But it seems as if the real case of amnesia—or maybe post-traumatic stress disorder—has struck the Democrats, who are now doing everything they can to help voters forget ObamaCare.

“This is a remarkable turn of events for Mr. Obama’s major domestic achievement that was also supposed to be a political winner. Facing a grim November, Democrats are now running on another quarter-baked stimulus plan and the specter of John Boehner’s perpetual tan, instead of the bill they spent more than a year debating and hailed as the liberal triumph of the century. Democrats now barely mention ObamaCare on the trail—unless they’re trashing it.”

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