Thiessen: Mark Kirk, the lame-duck killer

Writing in the Washington Post, Marc Thiessen explains how Mark Kirk, candidate for the Illinois Senate seat, could spoil plans for a lame duck session of Congress:

But the Democrats’ lame-duck plans may be for naught — thanks to Rod Blagojevich. In the wake of the corruption scandal over the former Illinois governor’s efforts to sell President Obama’s Senate seat, a federal court ruled in July that Illinois must hold a special election this November. That means voters will cast ballots in two Senate races on Election Day — one for a senator to serve a new six-year term and another for a senator to serve out the final 60 days in Obama’s Senate term. As Rep. Mark Kirk, the Republican candidate in both races, explains, “It’s actually legal in Illinois to vote for Senate twice now.”

If Kirk wins that special election, he would ask to be seated immediately — thus becoming the 42nd Republican senator. And that, Kirk told me, “is a total game-changer in the numbers of the Senate.” What is his view of a lame duck? Kirk says, “The only legitimate thing for the Congress to do is to pass a short-term continuing resolution to keep the doors open — and let the voice of the American people as communicated through their new representatives and senators speak in January.”

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