Politico: Dems launch $2M pro-reform blitz

“With public support for health reform dwindling, a Democrat-led group is ramping up a multi-million-dollar pitch to support the new law.

“The Health Information Center will go live Wednesday with a $2 million national ad campaign touting the new law’s early-to-implement insurance reforms and throwing a pro-reform voice onto airwaves currently dominated by anti-reform messages.

“The ads are the Center’s first move to defend the health reform law but far from its last. Founded by top Democratic strategists earlier this summer, the Center is an effort to show off the law’s benefits while also batting down what the group considers false claims and misinformation.

“For health reform supporters, the new group and its pro-reform pitch could not come at a better time. Public support for the health reform law has dropped sharply since the law passed in March, undercutting Democrats’ claims that it would become more popular as Americans learned more about the provisions. The latest Kaiser Family Foundation poll, released last week, found a 7-point drop in support, from 50 to 43 percent, between August and September. Kaiser’s poll also found an uptick in voters who believe the law will leave the country “worse off,” from 35 to 37 percent.”

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